Alaska / Canada Survival and Camping Equipment
Mustang II N727RH

Updated June 10, 2002
WARNING: Proper flight planning and preparation is required for all flights to and in Alaska.
Attempting to fly this route or duplicate this trip would obviously be AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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Survival Equipment
- Combined requirements for Alaska, former Canadian requirements and recommendations. Summer only.
- Personal needs and preferences will modify this list.
-   X indicates "not carried" in 2002
  (It's a bit amusing or interesting to compare this list of required items, to the list of items now prohibited for airline travel carry-on.)

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Packed    ( plus Shotgun, case)

Knife: Swiss Army / Leatherman / jacknife / hunting - * on belt
Two boxes of matches, waterproof container, metal match - *one on belt
Fire starter: steel wool / fuel sticks or tablets, candle
Compass - portable
Whistle, cord
Food: 10,000 calories, sealed (Two weeks)
Axe or hatchet
Mosquito head net
Survival manual
Fishing gear (hooks, flies, lines, sinkers) [compact]
First Aid kit
Water filter / treatment tablets
Signal Mirror
Signaling device (strobe light) / three highway flares

Recommended but not required:
Insect repellant
Stove, fuel [compact]
Cooking pot
Flexible saw blade
Gill net < 2 inches
Snare wire, 30 feet (9 m), instructions (.020" safety wire in tool kit)
Conspicuity panel (8' x 10' orange tarp)   X
(now optional): Shotgun / rifle with ammo (see Canadian Laws)

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(Only some of listed items are shown)

Camping Equipment

Personal gear:
Passport / birth certificate with photo ID
Cash, Credit cards, Canadian currency
Canteen, water
Flashlight, extra batteries
Lantern, fuel or batteries
Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad / Therma-Rest / air mattress
Tent, poles, stakes
Ground plastic cloth (for tent)
Eating utensils, mess kit, metal cup / mug
Sun protection
Blistex / Chap-Stick
Toilet paper (in Zip-Lock bag)
Towel, Wash cloth
Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shaving kit, comb, etc.)
Medication(s): Prescriptions, pain relief, anti-diarrhea, antacid, etc.

Clothing: (in Zip-Lock bags)
Shirts - flannel
Pants: wool or polypropylene
Socks (heavy wool)
Light jacket: Gore-Tex, sweatshirt (hooded)
Cap / Hat
Boots: hiking
Rain gear: jacket / poncho, rain pants
Laundry bag / sack / duffle
Laundry soap
Cold weather gear: (Summer too! - for higher elevations)
      Coat / down jacket
      Wool knit ?ski? cap
      Extra socks
      Long underwear   X

Cooking / Kitchen:
Trail mix
Water jug   X
Wash basin(s)
Dish soap
Scrunge / dish cloth
Steel wool cleaner (?SOS? or ?Brillo? pads)
Trash bags
Paper towels

Pack   X
Saw   X
Shovel (folding)   X
Swim trunks
Notebook, pencil
Camp stool, chair
Camping pillow [compact]
Sewing repair kit [compact]
Laptop computer
Cot [compact]   X

Aircraft Certificates
Copy of Insurance Policy (showing AK, Canada coverage)
Tie down ropes, stakes
Canopy cover
Spare parts
Duct tape, Metal 'Speed' tape
Safety wire
Oil, funnel   X
Jumper cables   X
Spare tire and tube   X
Hand air pump
Plexiglas cleaner, rags, paper towels

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