Mustang II Project
For Sale
Updated September 29, 2005

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Mustang II project for sale:

Sale complete with: Aircraft is 80% complete. Located in Wichita Falls, TX.
Price is $13,999.
David Cavazos
Phone 940-594-2833

(More info below photo)
David Cavazos Mustang II project

In response to several inquiries with different questions, I am posting this additional information.

Aircraft Model #: M-II-48
Original Owner: The original owner was located in Manning, South Carolina and worked on the fuselage of the aircraft. The next owner, John Mihalia, located in Wichita Falls, TX, purchased it from his friend (the original owner) and completed the center section and fitted the wings to the aircraft and fitted the skins to the wings. This purchase was made six years ago. John Mihalia was a head supervisor for the construction of bombers during WWII and taught men and women working in the factories how to rivet the planes together and manufacture them. He has built three Thorp T-18s which he sold about nine years ago and all have flown perfectly with no problems. He is now working on a Cyclone 180 which is almost completed. Needless to say, his workmanship is excellent and unquestionable. The kit was sold to me in November of 1999 at which point I helped close out the wings and begin construction of the canopy. Shortly thereafter, 9/11 occurred and since then, very little work on the plane has been done to date.
Wings: As stated the wings and center section were constructed by John Mihalia. The leading edges are straight.
Canopy: T-18 rollbar for a Thorp T-18 Canopy
Plans or Kit Built: Aircraft is built from plans, back then there was not much in the way of kits
Engine: Fuel Configuration: Aircraft has 25 gallon header tank
Self Etching Primer?: yes
Prop extension for spinner: I'm about 90% sure that it is on the aircraft in the picture but possibly could be mistaken.
Prop Diameter and Pitch: I honestly don't remember this information, but am having a friend look into it and get back to me since I currently live two hours away from the aircraft location. However, the prop is a brand new wooden prop still in the original packaging.

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It is recommended that aircraft buyers review all logbooks and inspect the aircraft before purchasing.

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